Let Us Help You Get Moved-in & Set-up Before Christmas

If you want to be in to your new home and set-up before the holidays hire a moving company like EJA to help make it happen for you.

moving-before-christmasThere are just 25 days until Christmas, and counting…. Whilst this is plenty of time for the Xmas shoppers out there, if you are moving house and trying to get in to your new home before the festive holiday starts, the fact that it is Christmas can double the stress factor!

Contact us right away and we’ll help you get into your house and set up in time for the holidays.

Buying the new house and getting all set us so you can enjoy the holidays is your number one objective. Let us help you so you can deal with less stress and we can take care of all the moving and packing even un-packing to help you on your way.

With this in mind, we’ve prepared these 5 top tips to help you to move house before Christmas – and enjoy it at the same time!

5 top tips to help you to move house before Christmas

1. Confirm your Move Date
This will be the BIG day that you are working towards, so pick a sensible, achievable moving date before the 25th December and stick to it. You can then confidentially liaise with the solicitors, estate agents and moving company.

3. Organize your Packing
If you are opting to DIY your packing, it is best to start as early as 2 weeks before your move date and box up the items that you are not currently using. This will make the whole chore less stressful – it will also help you de-clutter by giving those items you never use or don’t need to charity. Naming the contents and room on each box will help organize your packing and make unpacking easier. Make sure you pack any Christmas presents carefully and clearly label the boxes so that you can find them quickly on arrival at your new home.

If you don’t have time to do the packing yourself, we can pack for you. We can supply you with all the boxes and packing materials as well as offer various packing options to suit you. Plus their staff are professional trained so not only will they pack quicker but they will also wrap your personal possessions correctly so that they are safe and secure during transit.

1. Inform your Utility Companies
Remember to read your fuel meters, and tell your utility companies that you are moving house and your move date. You will then receive accurate bills that you can pay. You may also need to register with new doctors, dentists and vets if moving further afield and redirect your post.

2. Change of Address
Christmas cards are the perfect way to inform your friends and family of your new address.

3. Pets and Children
Both pets and young children can find moving house stressful. Whilst animals can be kept safe and secure in a separate room, it is best to see if family or friends can entertain your children for the day so that they do not get anxious about the moving process and leaving their old home. This way they will just have the excitement of arriving at their new home.

Take a look at our Moving Guides for advice on preparing your children to move house, as well as one for you pets (prepared with the help of the Blue Cross).

4. Keep Valuables Safe
Always keep your valuable documents, jewelery and other items in a safe secure place. Ideally you should carry these with you out of your old house and take personally to your new home – let no-one else be responsible for them.

5. Information for the new Owners
It is nice to leave a few simple instructions to the new owners of you house with some info about bin day, recycling collections and instructions to get the boiler up and running or anything else – at this time of year you can do this in a spare Christmas card!

By following these 5 top moving tips, you will find moving at Christmas a lot less stressful than you expected. You may even find that being organized will give you some extra time to get the Christmas shopping done.

Lastly, remember it’s Christmas! On arrival at your new home, make sure you get the Christmas tree up or some other festive decorations and pop some Christmas Carols on. This way you can keep up the holiday spirit whilst are unpacking everything else.

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